Do I need misting fans or a misting nozzles ?

For bigger areas, misting fans are the right choice. They provide the cooling power of mist, but also spread the cool air around to a much bigger area. For warehouse cooling, outdoor cooling such as crowd or event cooling, misting fans are also the best choice. For smaller or more confined areas, such as patios and outdoor eating areas, misting systems are the better option.

How is it installed ?

High pressure tubing with nozzles is installed underneath the eves of roof lines and other inconspicuous locations. This can include along fencing, within shrubbery, patios and any other desired outdoor locations. Choosing from our wide variety of tubing colors, your system will be discrete and aesthetically pleasing.

Will it work in high humidity ?

Yes. The cooling is more powerful in dryer areas. But even in the most humid areas, mist cooling systems can work well.

How many nozzles will a pump feed ?

Systems are defined typically by their pressure, so we use NFPA 750. That's a standard for water mist systems, and in that standard, they offer up low pressure systems, intermediate, and high pressure. So low pressure systems operate at around the same pressures that sprinkler systems will operate at.
Intermediate pressure is between 175 psi and 500 psi, and then high pressure systems, 500 psi and up. So the highest pressure water mist system I know of is around 2,300 psi of pressure, so really high pressure system, specialized tubing or piping that's used for that. Now, there are differences between water mist systems and the droplet sizes that they produce, so typically the smaller the water droplet size the better it is at extinguishing a hot fire. Larger droplets can work faster on lower temperature fires, but they all work for the systems that they're approved for or listed for.

How do I know what size pump (gpm / lpm) to order ?

We will provide appropriate pump and motorpump. FogFireFighting comes complete.

How much water will it use?

The distance throw and number and size of nozzles are the primary factors in determining how much water your misting system will use. It is written in the FogFireFighter description page.

What is the minimum inlet water pressure required?

The minimum inlet water pressure must be 1.5 Bar. The system will operate at it`s best when the inlet water pressure is between 2.0 – 3.0 Bar. Please test the inlet water pressure prior to selecting your product. Municipal water pressure will generally be around 3.0 Bar.

Do I need a filter for the system?

No, we will supply full system including filter. The orifices of the misting nozzles are so small, that they can clog if your water has any particulates in it. Our standard filter kit is supply incorporated into the FogFireFighter system. It filters out any particles in your water down to 5 microns in size. For even better clog-free performance, choose a double filter setup with one 5 micron filter and one 1 micron filter. This almost completely assures clog-free use for your misting system.

How often should the filters be replaced?

Filter cartridges should be replaced every 12 months or when the filter cartridge is noticeably dirty.

Can I install a misting system myself?

Mobile FogFireFighting systems are designed for the ‘do it yourself’ consumer. These misting systems are easy to install and typically take between two and four hours to complete. A custom installation is more complex, and we recommend a professional. A professional will also have netter knowledge of electrical and plumbing codes to ensure that all electrical wiring and water pipe installation follows these codes without mistakes that could be expensive to correct.

Must the system be serviced and how often?

Very minimal maintenance should be necessary for misting systems. Yearly cleaning of the nozzles will help avoid clogging. And the pumps do have oil that will need to be changed every so often, depending mostly on hours of service. Often it is not necessary to do anything for a year or two at a time but it is good practice to service the unit once per year. We suggest at the end of and the beginning of the summer season.

What is the best nozzle for a misting system with 1,000 PSI / 70 BAR?

For the finest mist that can be made, we instruct our customers to implement 0.006", 0.008" and 0.012" orifice nozzles with their high pressure pumps. Bigger orifice nozzles can be installed; however, they may generate droplets with more volume and density.

What sets high pressure systems apart from low pressure systems?

Basically, a low pressure system can rely strictly on the city’s standard 30-85 PSI (2-6 BAR) water pressure. These low pressure devices typically spray hydration without having the ability to generate fine mist for increased cooling benefits. In contrast, our high pressure modules are made with high pressure tubing. They are commercial grade with the capacity to support a maximum of 1,000 PSI (70 BAR). Their extra longevity is accompanied by respectably admirable aesthetics.

Should I consider winterizing my pump?

FogFireFighting is already winterized because totally dry untill operating and after it drains itself.

How do I know if you are able to provide the system I need?

With over 22 years combined experience in this industry, we have the level of experience and understanding that is needed to design and sell misting system suitable for any application.

What is your shipping method for a complete system?

Because our systems comes ready to work, we usually ship them via freight. If an order includes multiple sections, the items will be merged into single shipments whenever feasible to lower your shipping costs. We ship worldwide and shipment UPS, DHL or FEDEX is included in the price.

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