Self-propelled AutoFogFireFighter ensuring total driver protection.
AFFF 60/2000 is the specific machine for wildlife and winery fire protection: due to its unique compact body, power, manoeuvrability, ventilation efficiency, AFFF 60/2000 enables significant reduction of FIRE SUPPRESSION time, with complete operator’s safety onboard. Operator comfortably sits in cab with air conditioning, heating, air filtering system against smoke and dust.

- Total machine height (with cab) from 136.
- Compact and smooth body design and reduced height allow AFFF 60/2000 to work everywhere..

- The power of the machine and of its advanced FogFireFighter system allows AFFF 60/2000 to spray high performances water fog THROW TO 60 METERS.
- Laser cut, high strength steel chassis, galvanized, completely protected on the bottom sied as a shield.
- Cabine with air conditioning, heating, sound proof, with air filtering system smoke/chemicals and dust proof.

- All remote controls available as a drone from radio frequency dual band 150meters far. (OPTIONAL)

- Front air intake A.R.I. system allows clean air outlet, avoiding re-circulation of smokes.
- No-loss air conveyor is designed to allow a symmetric and even application.

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• Chemical diaphragm pump with brass heads and manifolds for additive.
• Double or triple no-drip nozzles for low, medium and high application rates (see NFC60 data sheet).
• Tank mixture triple flow super mixer, over 600 litres/min volume, allowing perfect and continuous agitation even of very dense mixtures.
• Chemicals pre-mixer for additive.
• Quick rinse system and hand washing reservoir.
• Galvanized steel chassis with back and blower bumper. Fibreglass tank and body. Tank capacities available: 2000 litres.
• 4 wheel drive and steer. The hydraulic steering system can be set in 3 positions: 2 wheel steer, 4 wheel steer, 4 wheel in phase (crab, for working on lateral slopes or slippery grounds).
• Hydrostatic transmission.
• Mechanical gear box to drive hydraulic pump, blower and chemical pump with electromagnetic clutches.
• Mechanical heavy duty axles.
• Last version of parabolic springs suspensions with rubber shock absorbers.
• Joystick control with FogFireFighting sections switches.
• Hydrostatic braking, hydraulic immerged brakes on the wheels, parking brake.
• Stainless steel fuel and hydraulic oil tanks.
• Surmountable slopes over 60%.
• Ventilation system, to get maximum airflow and efficiency and to reduce fuel consumption.
• Wide tyres 31x15.50-15.
• 5MT Fogcannon Periscope (OPTIONAL)
• Inside FLIR Aiming Camera. (OPTIONAL)
• Dust control box for continuos measuraments.(OPTIONAL)
• Radio communication 5w on board. (OPTIONAL)
• Powder sprayer fitted on the back.
• Special nozzles unplugging.
• Automatic electronic spray controller for application rates.

7 years warranty no excuses guarantee

CE certified

ISO 9001-2015