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Firefighting  water mist technology has developed rapidly the last ten years, with the phase-out of Halon for fire suppression as one of the main driving forces. As a result of the development of Water Mist Fire Suppression technology, based on Wien conference 2001, new fields of application have also emerged. In addition to replacement of Halon gases, water mist is now applied as an alternative to inert gas systems and as a replacement for sprinkler systems. At present, the general trend is that a new application of water mist needs to be tested in a set-up similar to the practical situation where it is to be used. In parallel to the manufacturers testing efforts, test institutions and researchers world-wide focus on more general questions regarding the effect of water mist in interaction with fire, and standardization committees work with new standards and test methods for different applications. The general trend in fire science, with focus on scenario based design and fire safety engineering, leads to the need for documented calculation methods and engineering practice. This paper sums up the state-of-the-art regarding research and documentation into the field of mobile water mist technology, and points out the most innovative relase:

Chassis: 8x4 Hydrostatik Motion up to 15 km/h

Keep advancing against flammes Full Fog protected

Body: aisi420L

Water Tank: aisi 316L of 24,000 liters

Foam additive: tank aisi 316L of 1.500 liters selfloading

Micellar additive: tank aisi 316L of 3.500 liters selfloading

Fog Water Booster Pump: aisi 316L Voegel 1,500 lpm

Monitor Water Pump: aisi 316L Voegel 5,000 lpm

Mixers Venturi: 1%, 3% 6%

Operational pressure 15 bars

Turbine FF150 Marine Grade


IR camera on board Flir technology

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Main Components


Main engine: Diesel Euro 3 with Hydraulic Pump

Engine power: 474 kW min at sea level

Nominal Range: 80mt min / 150mt max

Tilt angle: -25 / +55 deg

Number of Nozzles: 325

Type of Nozzles: AISI420 Water Pressure: 15 bar max

Water Quality: Any

Water consumption: 1500 liters per min (15 bar) including self protection Fog Shield

Motion Systems: Hydraulic Users Propellers Rotation Speed​​: 2 x 1250 rpm max

Revolving Systems: Hydraulic Users

Air Flow: min 270,000 m3/h


The new generation of Water Mist firefighting truck

It is a new technology of Fog System, unique in the world.